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Closure -

Due to inclement weather, H2GO will be closed Friday, January 21, 2022.

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Reverse Osmosis WTP

Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer H2GO has received their Reverse Osmosis (RO) pilot plant from Harn R/O Systems, Inc.  Harn, established in 1972 and located in Venice, Florida, is the oldest, privately-owned company in the membrane treatment industry. 

Over the next 90 days, H2GO will process and treat over 3 million gallons of brackish groundwater with the RO pilot plant.  The pilot plant will be operated 24/7 to analyze key operating parameters of the reverse osmosis system.  Bob Walker, Executive Director for H2GO, explains the purpose of the RO pilot testing is to evaluate operational characteristics such as membrane flux, permeate recovery and quality, concentrate quality and flow, pre- and post-treatment chemical dosing, operating pressures, and energy consumption.  Over the next 3 months, H2GO personnel will be working closely with their project team (The Wooten Company, Harn R/O Systems, Groundwater Management Associates, Inc., and Raftelis Financial Consultants) to evaluate and analyze data obtained from the RO pilot testing.  Results of the pilot plant testing will be the basis for full-scale design criteria, as well as operation and maintenance cost estimates.  

H2GO will be conducting periodic site visits for the public to see the pilot plant in operation and to explain the reverse osmosis water treatment system. For more information, please contact Bob Walker at 910-371-9949, ext. 106 or via email at bwalker@H2GOonline.com.

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