Hours of Operation 9 AM - 5 PM
After Hours EmergenciesWater 910-367-1537Sewer 910-367-2084
After-Hours Emergencies - For water emergencies, call 910-367-1537. For sewer emergencies, call 910-367-2084.  Learn more    |    H2GO’S Water Test Confirm Clean Water! -   Learn more    |   



Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO is a self-governing governmental, public entity established by the State of North Carolina for the purpose of preserving and promoting the public health and welfare. H2GO has an elected, five-member Board of Commissioners. Our service area includes Belville, Leland, parts of Navassa, and customers located outside the limits of these incorporated Towns.

H2GO is committed to assuring a quality of life for our valued customers by providing the highest levels of water and sanitary sewer services, from Source to Stream, in a safe and efficient manner. As professional service providers, H2GO in cooperation with its community partners will comprehensively plan, develop, maintain, and operate the District's utility systems in a customer service oriented and cost- effective manner.

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