Operation Round Up

When you join Operation Round Up, your contributions help provide food, groceries, and educational opportunities that will benefit people in need throughout our service area and Brunswick County.  As a voluntary contributor to Operation Round Up, you choose to have your monthly water bill rounded up to the next highest dollar amount.  The difference between your actual bill and the next highest dollar is the amount of your donation.

For example:

If your monthly water bill is:  $46.55
Your bill will be round up to:  $47.00
Your Operation Round Up donation: 45 cents

Neighbors helping neighbors. This community was built on a helping hand, and we look forward to being able to continue that today. That spirit of cooperation and dedication to raising everyone's quality of life is the inspiration behind our community improvement program - Operation Round Up.  Your monthly contribution could be as little as a penny, or as much as 99 cents - but that small amount makes a huge difference in the lives that it touches.  Now is your opportunity to make a meaningful difference with your tax deductible contribution!
Program Overview:
  • Each customer's monthly Round Up contribution can be as little as a penny or as much as 99 cents.  On average, a customer's contribution is $6.00 per year.
  • Your Round Up donation will be indicated on your monthly water bill.
  • All donations are tax deductible.
  • Opt out at any time.  It’s your choice.
  • All proceeds will go directly to our Community Partners.  100% of the contributions will go to assist those in need, with no administrative fees attached to this program.
  • Select Round Up PLUS and add an extra $1, $5 or $10 to the Round Up donation pass through.
  • If you would like to join Operation Round Up, please use the agreement form on the reverse side of this flyer, or visit our website HERE to submit or download the form. Please printed return form to our office.
2017 Operation Round Up Community Partners:
Manna Ministries
Since 2008, Manna Ministries, a collaboration of Leland area churches and civic groups, has been touching hundreds of lives through monthly food drives.  Manna Ministries, conducts the monthly food drives to distribute food and groceries to hungry NE Brunswick County area families.  Increasing costs of groceries, housing, gas and utilities, medicine and healthcare, have caused a crisis in many families’ abilities to provide adequate, nutritious food for their family.  Every food donation helps in the fight against hunger – no matter how small or large.  100% of donations from Operation Round Up go directly to the purchase of food.  For more information on Manna Ministries, donations and items needed, food drive events, and volunteer opportunities, please visit their website at www.MannaLeland.org.
Brunswick Community College Foundation
The Brunswick Community College (BCC) Foundation, organized in 1982, is a charitable organization instituted to enhance the mission of Brunswick Community College to a level of excellence and purpose for students and the community.  The Foundation enables the college to meet a number of diverse needs that could not be achieved solely with state funding.  The Foundation is a vital resource for the acceptance and solicitation of all gifts for the continued growth and progress of Brunswick Community College.   100% of donations from Operation Round Up go directly to scholarships for Brunswick County students, young adults, single parents, veterans, and aged workers seeking to advance their education and employment opportunities.  For more information on the Brunswick Community College Foundation and their mission to support and enhance the lives of BCC students, please visit their website at www.brunswickcc.edu/foundation-giving/.

Our Goal:

The goal is to have at least a 40% customer participation rate. With this, we could garner an estimated $2,000 a month in donated funds, giving us $24,000 a year for these two deserving charities.

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