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A Brief Look at H2GO's History

The Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer began with the purpose of promoting the health and welfare of the people here in the North Brunswick area, and it is still our primary purpose. The Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer’s employees are dedicated to providing our customers with the best all around service as possible and we are pleased to serve the district of North Brunswick.

H2GO was originally created with the purpose of providing treated water to preserve and promote the public health to the citizens in the North Brunswick area.

H2GO had its early beginning with a group of about 30 residents from the Leland area back in 1969. This group met in the old Leland School cafeteria building- now known as the Leland Community Center- located behind the Old Leland Post Office on Village Road. Among these few residents were Jimmy Cook, Jennie Mintz, Catherine Clark, Donald Ray White, Mike Mitchell, Joe Gainey, and Virginia Browning, just to name a few.

Before the creation of the Leland Sanitary District, the boundaries and the population of the District had to be determined and then a petition had to be signed by 51% of the resident freeholders within the boundaries. A joint public hearing was held with the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners and the North Carolina Department of Human Resources on March 11th 1976 at North Brunswick High School. 33 residents from Leland attended this hearing, in which 28 voted in favor of creating a Sanitary District and none opposed. At the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners regular meeting on March 15th 1976, a resolution was adopted by that board to approve the creation of the Leland Sanitary District. From these meetings the Leland Sanitary District was created on May 8, 1976 by the state of North Carolina Commission for Health Services. On July 15th 1982, the Leland Sanitary District entered into a contract with engineers to construct a water distribution project for the area.

A set of rules and regulations were adopted by the Leland Sanitary District’s Board of Commissioners on June 6th 1985 for the proper and orderly management of the water distribution system and the proper repayment of any loans received for the construction of the system. Funding for the water distribution system was accomplished by a Clean Water Bond Grant, FMHA Loan General Obligation Bonds and other grants.

Initially the board members of the Leland Sanitary District were appointed by the Brunswick County Commissioners; the first five to be appointed to the board were Virginia Browning- who served as the first chairman of the District-, Jennie E. Mintz- the first Secretary-, Joe Gainey, T. A. Moore and Lewis Brown. The first election for the Board Members of the Leland Sanitary District was held on November 5th 1985. The first elected members of the Board were Boyd C. Williamson, Chairman, Patsy A. Elliott, Secretary, George E. Mintz, Leo J. Nowak and Ava V. Thomas. The office would be held for a term of four years.

Creation Documents

Important H2GO Events

1976 - The state of North Carolina Commission for Health Services created the Leland Sanitary District.

1982 - The Leland Sanitary District agreed with engineers to construct a water distribution project for the area.

1985 - A set of rules and regulations were adopted by the Leland Sanitary District’s Board of Commissioners.

1985 - The first election for the Leland Sanitary District Board of Commissioners was held.

1987 - The Leland Sanitary District began servicing their first approximately 350 customers. Over the past twenty years, the District has grown to have over 16,000 connections and over 40,000 people.

1988 - The property where the Leland Sanitary District’s Building sits today on Village and Woodland Avenue was purchased.

1989 - The Leland Sanitary District's home office was built

1988 - The Leland Sanitary District purchased Olde Towne Subdivision.

1997 - Because of the Town of Leland being incorporated within the Leland Sanitary District boundaries, the name of the Leland Sanitary District changed to North Brunswick Sanitary District.

2001 - The North Brunswick Sanitary District took over the Belville Treatment Plant and Belville’s Sewer System.

2002 - The North Brunswick Sanitary District received approval from the state of their Plans and Specifications to put in a Sanitary Sewer Collection System beginning with Village Road.

2006 - The North Brunswick Sanitary District's office was renovated into its present state

2009 - The North Brunswick Sanitary District's name was changed to Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO.

2021 - The Town of Leland and Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO signed an interlocal agreement (ILA) that consolidated local water and sewer utilities. As the public entity tasked with the provision of water and sewer in the agreement, H2GO would operate and maintain the consolidated water and wastewater systems.

Board Members

The following is a list of all the citizens that we have been able to track that have served on the Board of Commissioners of the Leland Sanitary District and Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer, if anyone has been left out I do apologize, please inform the Clerk to the Board.

Board Members
Julius Adams Joe N. Gainey Barry Laub 
Archie Sellers Donald Ray White
Carl Antos 
Jeff Gaskill 
Buddy Lewis Doug Smith 
Boyd C. Williamson
Grace Beasley 
Jeff Gerken 
Julius D. Lewis Jean Speight  
Willie Beatty Steve Hosmer 
Rodney McCoy 
Ava V. Thomas  
William Beer 
Ron Jenkins 
George E. Mintz Curtis B. Thomas  
Lewis Brown Preston Johnson Jennie E. Mintz Trudy Trombley 
Minnie Brown 
Bobby Johnston 
Albert O. Mitchell    
Virginia Browning Elgie Jones Edison Moore    
William Browning 
  T.A. Moore    
Poe Butler 
  Francis Murrill 
Catherine Clark   Leo J. Nowak    
James Cooke
Stephen Craft        
Dwight Crainshaw 
John D. Crowder III 
Perry Davis 
Patsy A. Elliot        

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