Smoke Testing

Crews will be conducting smoke testing in the areas of The Forest at Mallory Creek and The Courtyards at Mallory Creek beginning the week of May 17, 2021.

What is smoke testing and why is it necessary?

Smoke testing involves setting up a blower then pumping non-toxic, simulated smoke through a community's sanitary sewer line. The smoke is pressurized and follows the path of any leaks within the system – revealing points of entry for I&I and helping to reduce unnecessary wastewater flow.

  • Hours of Operations 9:00AM-5:00PM
  • After Hours Water Emergencies 910-367-1537
  • After Hours Sewer Emergencies 910-367-2084

How H2GO Informs Customers of a Boil Advisory

3/7/2019 2:41:20 PM

1. All-Call Phone System  
When applicable, we will you the all-call phone system to alert customers. However, in periods of large outages, the all-call system may take some time to send out all of the calls and therefore might be rendered ineffective. If you have recently changed phone numbers or have not received all calls, please fill out an information update form to ensure we have the correct information on file.

2. Contact with Local Media
WWAY and WECT typically have these notices posted within minutes of being notified.

3. NextDoor
We sort these by neighborhoods and are able to target specific areas.

4. Mail Chimp Email Service
You can visit our website to signup, signup on our Facebook page, and there is a link on our residential application form when you sign up for service.

5. Facebook

6. Pushed
You can visit our website to signup and there is a link on our residential application form when you sign up for service.

7. Website
We have a notification bar that appears at the top of our website for every page you visit that alerts of boil advisories.

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