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H2GO is seeking public input on their 2020 System Development Fee Analysis.
You can find the document HERE.
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H2GO's Statement on GenX UPDATED 6/13/17

6/13/2017 5:04:08 PM

H2GO is aware of the StarNews story about a toxin, commonly known as GenX, present in the CFPUA drinking water supplies.  The same source water, the Cape Fear River, provides drinking water supplies to H2GO via wholesale water purchase from Brunswick County Public Utilities.  H2GO staff have been receiving numerous calls from our customers expressing concerns about the drinking water.  According to current state and federal regulations, the water treated and provided by Brunswick County Public Utilities meets all primary and secondary drinking water standards.
As stated in the StarNews article, the toxic chemical, GenX, is an unregulated contaminant which cannot be removed by surface water treatment processes operated by CFPUA and Brunswick County Public Utilities.  At this time, H2GO is relying on the work of state and federal regulators to determine potential health risks.  Those regulators will be reviewing the findings of Dr.Detlef Knappe to determine future monitoring and regulatory limits for GenX and other unregulated contaminates.
The presence of GenX is yet another example of the potential threat these unregulated contaminates pose to our surface water supplies.  A couple of years ago, 1,4 Dioxane was detected in the Cape Fear River.  Late last year, the presence of hexavalent chromium caused concern with the surface water supplies.  And, a few months ago, the Cape Fear River was placed on America’s list of the 10 most endangered rivers because of the upstream Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) operating within the river’s watershed.
The Cape Fear River is vulnerable to a host of potential contaminants.  Surface water supplies by nature are vulnerable to contamination and that is just one of the many reasons why H2GO began work six years ago to evaluate alternate water supplies and treatment options for our service area.  The decision to move forward with deep-well groundwater supplies and reverse osmosis water treatment eliminates the threat of these emerging unregulated contaminates.  The reverse osmosis water treatment plant will eliminate our dependence on the Cape Fear River, will improve drinking water quality, will maintain customer water rates at or below existing rates, and will ensure the long-term financial viability of the utility.

UPDATE 6/13/17

H2GO's Executive Director reached out to officials to request admittance to the closed door meeting Thursday 6/15/17. The response we received is below.

" Mr. Walker

  Thank you for your interest in this meeting and I appreciate your desire to attend.  Regrettably, we have the approved list already in place, and are not inclined to expand it, however we have ensured that Brunswick County is represented via attendance at the meeting by Chairman of your Board of Commissioners, Frank Williams.  I have been in close contact with him and ask that you communicate with him directly as to what we learn Thursday.



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