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H2GO’s Award-Winning Safety Culture Recognized by NC AWWA-WEA for the Second Year in a Row

12/17/2021 9:35:50 AM

Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO’s strong safety-culture is once again being recognized by the North Carolina American Water Works Association and the North Carolina Member Association of the Water Environment Federation (NC AWWA-WEA). H2GO received the Disaster Preparedness and George W. Burke, Jr. Safety awards from NC AWWA-WEA. This marks the second year in a row they have received both awards and third time in the last five years.

H2GO employees consistently show a commitment to safety and ensuring their coworkers return home to their families every single day. For that reason, H2GO exceeded 3,500 of no time lost because of an injury in 2021. H2GO, who is now over ten years of no time loss due to injury, takes pride in their strong safety culture that has helped them to achieve this crucial milestone. New Safety Manager TJ West looks to continue the strong sense of pride behind safety put in place by former safety manager Brian Griffith, encouraging his fellow coworkers to look out for one another at all times.

The George W. Burke Jr. Safety Award encourages utilities to develop and maintain an active and effective safety program for their wastewater facilities. H2GO’s Belville Wastewater Treatment Plant, which was recently expanded from a capacity of 400,000 gallons/day to 650,000 gallons/day, provides a safe and suitable working environment for H2GO employees.

“We take value in the safety of our employees. We want to see them return home to their families every single day.,” said Bob Walker, H2GO’s Executive Director. “We have a strong family relationship amongst the employees. It empowers us to be even more cautious and caring for the safety of those around us.”

The Disaster Preparedness Award shows H2GO’s dedication and commitment to protecting their community during emergencies. With a major emphasis on safety within the organization, H2GO has a combined twelve FEMA certifications that help enhance their staff during times of emergency. H2GO conducts continual analysis to ensure that they are protected during emergency situations, ensuring a consistent flow of water to their community.

“Our staff and board are honored and humbled to have received the Disaster Preparedness Award. Our staff puts a lot of emphasis on preparing for emergencies,” said Walker. “Disasters are something that we can’t avoid. They strike often with no warning. It is our job as the water and wastewater utility to ensure our community has access to water and sewer services during these times.”

H2GO was recognized during NC AWWA-WEA’s 2020 Annual Conference in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Their accomplishments will be recognized on the NC AWWA-WEA website and a future issue of NC Currents.

The NC AWWA-WEA is dedicated to providing water and wastewater education, training, and service in an effort to protect public health and the environment. They have over 2,500 members in North Carolina representing municipal and private utilities, consulting engineering firms, government agencies, companies who provide equipment and supplies to the industry, and representatives of academia who teach and conduct research in water and wastewater-related areas.




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