Smoke Testing

Crews will be conducting smoke testing in the areas of The Forest at Mallory Creek and The Courtyards at Mallory Creek beginning the week of May 17, 2021.

What is smoke testing and why is it necessary?

Smoke testing involves setting up a blower then pumping non-toxic, simulated smoke through a community's sanitary sewer line. The smoke is pressurized and follows the path of any leaks within the system – revealing points of entry for I&I and helping to reduce unnecessary wastewater flow.

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  • After Hours Water Emergencies 910-367-1537
  • After Hours Sewer Emergencies 910-367-2084

H2GO Receives LGC Approval, Awards Three Contracts for Aquifer-Sourced RO Plant.

9/28/2020 11:33:41 AM

On September 1st, the Local Government Commission (LGC) approved Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO’s bond financing request for the much-anticipated aquifer-sourced Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment Plant. H2GO has accepted a $42M, 20-year bond financing proposal from First Bank at an interest rate of 2.65%.

With the LGC’s approval, H2GO’s Board of Commissioners awarded three bid contracts to restart construction on the water supply and RO Plant. Raleigh-based Carolina Civil Works was awarded the contract for construction of raw water and finished water mains. Southport based Carmichael Construction Company was awarded the contract to install lines and a river diffuser for the concentrate discharge to the Brunswick River. The final contract was awarded to Columbia, South Carolina based M.B. Khan Construction Company for the construction of the RO Plant. Leland based Skipper’s Well Drilling will also resume their well construction contract that was suspended in 2017, and Venice, Florida based Harn RO will resume their RO Equipment procurement contract.

With the three latest contracts awarded and two already awarded contracts, construction is expected to resume in October 2020. H2GO expects clean, contaminate free water to be delivered to all customers by the end of 2021. With the completion and operation of the new water supply and RO plant project, current water rates will remain unchanged.

Those interested in progress can keep up with it here: https://www.h2goonline.com/RO_Progress




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