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H2GO Employees Top 3,000 Days of Safety

11/14/2019 9:38:21 AM

LELAND, NC – On October 28th, H2GO employees celebrated 3,000 days without time loss due to injury on the job. With thirty employees in the last 3,000 days, each one of them have taken safety as a serious concern, largely in part to due to Safety Manager Brian Griffith. In 2012, Griffith formed a safety committee and began working on a safety policy that provides basic responsibilities and tasks for all levels of employees on ensuring a safe environment. “It is the basic safety policy of this company that no task is so important that an employee must violate a safety rule or take a risk of injury or illness in order to get the job done,” the Safety and Health Program reads. After celebrating 2,000 days of safety in February of 2017, H2GO received the George W. Burke, Jr. Safety Award from NC-AWWA-WEA later that year.

H2GO honored their employees with a celebration on November 1st with a pig picking. “Safety is our number one priority at H2GO,” says Tyler Wittkofsky, H2GO’s Public Information Officer. “We are more than coworkers at H2GO, we are a family. We look out for each other and ensure that nobody gets hurt. The commitment to safety among our employees is something to celebrate. Almost eight and a half years without a time loss due to injury on the job is incredible.” H2GO looks to continue their string of safety. Safety doesn’t happen by accident, H2GO is committed to it.




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