System Development Fee Analysis

H2GO is seeking public input on their 2020 System Development Fee Analysis.
You can find the document HERE.
Please email your comments to BRWS@H2GOonline.com with subject line 'SDF Analysis Comment'.

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Reports of Low System Pressure

5/22/2019 11:40:11 AM

     H2GO has recieved reports of low pressure throughout our system. All of our testing and monitoring has shown adequate pressure consistently and constantly throughout the system. Necessary flows and pressure required to meet peak demands are still being met all throughout the system. We are seeing pressures consistent with our system average of 55-65 psi during peak demand areas.

     During peak usage times, some service areas might see pressures at the house drop to 40-50 psi, a noticeable drop, but certainly not a detrimental system pressure. According to a Popular Mechanics article, "The typical inlet water pressure to a home is about 40 to 45 psi," therefore even at peak usage our system is still operating at adequate system pressure. We are making a couple of operational changes to reduce the range of these pressure fluctuations to ensure our customers have best possible pressure.  We will continue to monitor and make whatever adjustments we can to maintain adequate system pressures.

     It is also worth mentioning, that during high periods of irrigation usage homeowners can see lower pressure. Consistently, this time of the year we receive reports of lower PSI due to the overwhelming usage of irrigation because of the season. Also, if homes are equipped with pressure reducing valves (it all depends on the home builder, we do not have records of these) and they are going faulty or not completely turned, that can cause a homeowners pressure to fluctuate. 

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