H2GO Water Test Results

A 24-hour composite sample of finished water supplied by Brunswick County, collected on October 18, 2017, showed a result for 1,4-dioxane at 3.91 ug/L (parts per billion), more than 10 times the EPA established health advisory and the State criteria for drinking water. The U.S. EPA has characterized 1,4-dioxane as “likely to be carcinogenic to humans” and has established a drinking water health  advisory at a concentration of 0.35 ug/L (ppb). 

H2GO received additional perfluorinated compound results of finished water treated and supplied by Brunswick County. Samples taken on October 18 revealed GenX levels at 59.7 parts per trillion (ppt) and a total toxic mixture of perfluorinated compounds at 618.05 ppt; including an unknown compound, PFMOBA, at levels of over 270 ppt. 

NC Health and Human Services has established the health goal for exposure to GenX in drinking water at 140 ppt. EPA has yet to establish a health advisory for combined toxic concentrations.

H2GO remains committed to testing the water supplied to us on a weekly basis for this total mix of contaminants, as our obligation to our customers to remain transparent.

More information, including test results can be found at https://www.h2goonline.com/PFCSampling


That's great that you are testing it, but what are you doing about it? I just spent a lot of money on a whole house filter because I can't drink the water as is.