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H2GO Takes Steps to Develop Reclaimed Irrigation District and Drive Water Conservation

1/6/2022 2:09:42 PM

At their regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners Meeting in October, Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO’s Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the creation of a new article in their Rules and Regulations for Operation of a Water System. Article Nine now details H2GO’s usage and implementation for what would be the first reclaimed water irrigation district in H2GO’s history. The policy states “Reclaimed water may be used for irrigation purposes and for other nonpotable water purposes.” This will help H2GO conserve water treated and distributed from the water system.

“By reducing demand on the RO plant, H2GO will ensure we keep customer water rates as low as possible for the foreseeable future,” said H2GO Executive Director Bob Walker. “This will also allow us to offer lower irrigation rates for those customers using the reclaimed water for nonpotable purposes. We are constantly looking for ways to keep customer rates low.”

In a further effort to encourage water conservation and help to reduce peak daily demand on the water system, H2GO also implemented a new alternate day irrigation schedule in article two. The new policy states “Even numbered property addresses shall limit irrigation to Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Odd numbered property addresses shall limit irrigation to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.” The policy change also includes the requirement of all in-ground irrigation systems to have programmable controllers and rain sensors. By following this schedule and using these tools, irrigation customers will not only conserve water, but also save money.

“We want to create an irrigation schedule that will adequately ensure our community’s yards are properly watered, but also serve to conserve water and save them money,” said Walker. “We have exceptions in place that allows irrigation for newly placed landscape with proper notification of H2GO.”

H2GO is committed to assuring a quality of life for our valued customers by providing the highest levels of water and sanitary sewer services, from Source to Stream, in a safe and efficient manner. As professional service providers, H2GO in cooperation with its community partners, comprehensively plan, develop, maintain and operate the District’s utility systems in a customer service oriented and cost-effective manner.

H2GO’s full set of Rules and Regulations for Operation of a Water System can be found HERE.




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