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Public Notice – Change from Chlorine Back to Chloramines

10/29/2021 9:25:00 AM

On September 15, 2021, the Brunswick County Public Utilities Department began its annual disinfection changeover and flushing program. During the past few months, Public Utilities crews have worked to flush water mains and distribute water, containing chlorine as the primary disinfectant, throughout the County system.


 During this transition period of changing the primary disinfection agent back to chloramines, customers may experience a brief period when there may be a noticeable change in the taste or smell of the water. This is a normal part of the process and water is safe to use. Depending on your location within the distribution system and usage patterns, it could be two to three weeks for your drinking water to transition from free chlorine to chloramines. If taste and/or odor problems persist, please contact the Brunswick County Public Utilities Department or your local water provider.

 Please note, if you have an aquarium or pond always test the water that you add to your aquatic environment to be sure it is free of any chlorine before adding fish or other animals. Chemical additives with directions for removing either free chlorine or chloramines from water for use in fish tanks or ponds are available at pet/fish supply stores.  Kidney dialysis clinics and customers on home kidney dialysis equipment should also be aware of this change.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact the County’s Public Utilities Department at (910) 253-2657, (910) 371-3490, (910) 454-0512, or your local water provider.




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