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Welcome to H2GO Brunswick Forest and Mallory Creek

5/19/2021 1:41:51 PM

Brunswick Forest/Mallory Creek Customers
As you may be aware, on March 19, 2021, the Town of Leland and Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO signed an interlocal agreement (ILA) that served to consolidate local water and sewer utilities.  As the public entity tasked with the provision of water and sewer in the agreement, H2GO will operate and maintain the consolidated water and wastewater systems.
Monthly Billing
The operational transfer from Leland to H2GO has not been without its challenges.  For example, your water/sewer accounts have required manual data entry to H2GO’s billing software.  For over 2,500 accounts, the data entry has taken a bit longer than anticipated.  Though this process is nearly complete, you will not receive a monthly bill in May for April’s water/sewer usage.  Your June billing, however, will include water/sewer usage for the months of April and May.  We apologize for this inconvenience to you and your monthly expenditure budget. After you receive your monthly bill in mid-June, you are invited to sign up for paperless billing and online bill-pay.  You will need your new H2GO account number located on the June billing to complete this process.  Then, please visit our website at www.H2GOonline.com and click on [View/Pay Bill]. From there, you will click [Register Now] and follow the setup steps.  If you have any issues with the process, please fill out our contact form at www.H2GOonline.com/contact-form or contact customer service at 910-371-9949.
Annexation to the District 
Annexation of Brunswick Forest and Mallory Creek into H2GO’s district will give every resident voting privileges to elect the Board of Commissioners.  We encourage you to become engaged in the governance of your water and sewer utility by completing a Petition For Annexation Of Property.  Even if you signed an annexation petition in 2019, we strongly suggest you complete and notarize the attached petition and return to Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer H2GO, 516 Village Rd NE, Leland, NC  28451 or via mail to PO Box 2230 Leland, NC 28451.  The number of petitioners will determine next steps in the annexation process, pursuant to NCGS 130A-69.  H2GO staff is committed to assist and expedite annexation of Brunswick Forest and Mallory Creek into the district. 

Operation Round Up
Please consider participating in H2GO’s Operation Round Up program; our community-centric program that allows customers to round up monthly water/sewer bills to the next whole-dollar amount.  The “round up” amount is donated to Brunswick Family Assistance and earmarked specifically for H2GO customers in need of assistance to help pay their monthly water/sewer bills.  Operation Round Up information can be found at www.H2GOonline.com/operation-round-up.
Cooking Oil Recycling Effort (C.O.R.E.)
Learn more about H2GO’s Cooking Oil Recycling Effort (C.O.R.E), and where you can properly dispose of fats, cooking oils, and grease.  Please visit www.H2GOonline.com/core to learn how the C.O.R.E. is used to convert cooking oils and grease to useable biofuels.
Fire Hydrant Ordinance
Be sure you check out H2GO’s Fire Hydrant Ordinance at www.H2GOonline.com/hydrants.  The fire hydrant ordinance helps to ensure your hydrants are readily accessible for fire-fighting personnel when called upon in the event of an emergency.
Mobile Notifications
Want to be among the first to know what’s going on at H2GO? Sign up for our mobile push notification system, www.H2GOonline.com/Pushed, and visit our website and signup for our email list under the ‘News’ tab. We are also on social media! You can find us by searching @brwsh2go on Facebook, @H2Go_BRWS on Twitter, and BRWS H2GO on YouTube. We are also in the process of expanding our boundaries on NextDoor so that you are included in our NextDoor Agency account’s service area.
Water & Sewer Rates
H2GO’s water and sewer rates are among the most competitive rates in SE North Carolina.  Check out the UNC School of Government Water and Wastewater Rate Dashboard at https://efc.sog.unc.edu/resource/north-carolina-water-and-wastewater-rates-dashboard.

Aquifer-Sourced Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant
H2GO’s much anticipated Aquifer-Sourced Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant project is on schedule to be complete and operational in February 2022.  Clean, contaminant free water for all H2GO customers, including Brunswick Forest and Mallory Creek is just around the corner.  Track the progress of H2GO’s Aquifer-Sourced Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant at www.H2GOonline.com/RO_Progress. You can find more information on the project at www.H2GOonline.com/reverse-osmosis-faq.
Monthly Board of Commissioners Meetings
H2GO’s Board of Commissioners meets each 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m.  The meeting schedule and location is posted on our website at www.H2GOonline.com/meeting-schedule.
Additional Questions?
Have a question about something we didn’t mention in this letter? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page at www.H2GOonline.com/faq. You are also invited visit www.H2GOonline.com/links to check out some of our informational brochures and other useful links that cover in-depth some of the things mentioned in this letter. You will also find additional brochures ranging from water conservation, to boil advisories, to severe weather notifications. 
On behalf of the H2GO Board of Commissioners and staff, we are excited to be your water and sewer utility provider.  We look forward to serving you.

Bob Walker
Executive Director




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