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H2GO is seeking public input on their 2020 System Development Fee Analysis.
You can find the document HERE.
Please email your comments to BRWS@H2GOonline.com with subject line 'SDF Analysis Comment'.

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H2GO Sends Supplement Letter to Settlement Proposal

2/19/2020 3:28:46 PM

On Wednesday February 19th, three days before H2GO’s Settlement Proposal response deadline, H2GO delivered a supplement letter to the Settlement Proposal to the Town of Leland. The letter enforces the notion that no interlocal agreement was included in H2GO’s Settlement Agreement, having been publicly announced ‘dead’ by interlocal agreement leadership in October of 2019. The letter cites ‘irreconcilably and materially different’ fundamental issues as the reason the previous negotiations came to a halt.

Due to the importance of the completion of H2GO’s Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant, H2GO stated that they “may be willing in the future to explore the possibility… However, H2GO will not do so as part of the proposed settlement… H2GO is unwilling to further delay construction of the RO Plant to engage in protracted negotiations.”

H2GO is hopeful that the Town of Leland will join the Town of Belville and H2GO in agreeing to the current Settlement Proposal with no further delays. It is incumbent upon the Towns of Leland and Belville and H2GO to end the lawsuit and get clean water to their community.

See the full letter HERE.




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