Smoke Testing

Crews will be conducting smoke testing in the areas of The Forest at Mallory Creek and The Courtyards at Mallory Creek beginning the week of May 17, 2021.

What is smoke testing and why is it necessary?

Smoke testing involves setting up a blower then pumping non-toxic, simulated smoke through a community's sanitary sewer line. The smoke is pressurized and follows the path of any leaks within the system – revealing points of entry for I&I and helping to reduce unnecessary wastewater flow.

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Brunswick County meets with North Brunswick Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Participants

6/24/2019 4:57:25 PM

H2GO Recieved the Following from Brunswick County on June 24th, 2019:
"Bolivia, NC – Brunswick County received notification on June 20th that the NC Division of Water Resources has temporarily suspended the issuance of Sewer Line Extension Permits for sewer flows tributary to the Northeast Brunswick Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.  This does not affect the issuance of building permits or approvals for sewer connections to parcels already part of an approved subdivision plan.  It also does not impact any proposed development or projects served by the West Brunswick Regional Wastewater Treatment System.  Rather, it will affect the approval of new engineered subdivision plans tributary to the Northeast Brunswick Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant that require an extension of a sewer main.  Sewer Line Extension Permits may again be issued once all necessary permits for the wastewater treatment expansion are acquired.
Today, Brunswick County met with all the participants in the North Brunswick Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Representatives from the Towns of Northwest, Leland, and Navassa, and Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer H2Go attended the meeting.  The group was provided information on the letter from the NC Division of Water Resources and the County’s plan to respond to the letter.  The County’s design consultant, Tony Boahn of McKim & Creed, provided an update of design of the 2.5 mgd expansion of the Northeast Brunswick Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant and his expectation that all permits will be received no later than the end of September 2019.
Brunswick County has already taken steps with its wholesale customers to reduce flows tributary to the plant.  Also, due to a more normalized rainfall pattern this year instead of the record rainfalls occurring during calendar year 2018, flows into the plant have dropped dramatically.  All the participants agreed to provide information to the County so that an action plan may be compiled and submitted to the State regulators that outlines justifications for allowing the issuance of sewer extension permits immediately.
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