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Introducing the C.O.R.E.

5/6/2016 11:46:28 AM

Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer H2GO is pleased to announce the start of a new program to collect and recycle used cooking oil. The Cooking Oil Recycling Effort (C.O.R.E.) is designed to educate the public about the problems associated with improper disposal of waste cooking oil and to encourage cooking oil recycling. Fats, Oils, and Grease create major problems in household plumbing and in our sewer systems. Never pour any types of oil down a drain or toilet! Even if the oil is poured slowly into a drain followed with hot water, this will eventually cause problems with household plumbing and the community sewer system. Used cooking oil and grease should always be disposed of properly.
To promote cooking oil recycling, H2GO has mailed over 8,500 educational flyers and C.O.R.E. refrigerator magnets to customers in Northeast Brunswick County. And, ten convenient collection and recycling sites have been established throughout the service area, each site stocked with empty one‐gallon plastic recycling jugs to promote cooking oil recycling. Customers are encouraged to pick up an empty recycling jug, take it home and collect waste cooking oil. When the jug is full, return it to one of the collections sites and exchange it for another.
Any used cooking oil or grease including vegetable oil, fish oil, bacon grease, chicken fat, and pork fat can be recycled. Cooking oil and grease recycling is simple. COOL IT. CAUTION: IT’S HOT! Always COOL DOWN cooking oil and grease in the fryer or pan before collecting. STORE IT. After letting the oil cool, it should be poured into a clean plastic container with a properly fitting lid. The container can be a free C.O.R.E. container which can be found at H2GO’s main office or at any of the designated collection sites. Also, the container can be the oil’s original container or any other clean plastic container that is convenient. RECYCLE IT. When the container is full, take it to one of H2GO’s designated collection sites! All Brunswick County residents are encouraged to participate. Saving our sewers and protecting the environment is a community effort.
Cooking Oil Collection and Recycling Sites

H2GO Main Office
516 Village Road

North Brunswick Shopping Center
113 Village Road NE

Waterford Commercial Center
2013 Olde Regent Way

Backyard Feeds
1173 Lanvale Road NE

Hunterstone Apartments
1001 Hunterstone Drive

Egret Pointe Apartment Homes
1005 Egret Nest Circle

The Arbors at Westgate
9537 Night Harbor Dr (Lift Station)

H2GO has partnered with Eco‐Collection‐Systems of Wilmington to process collected cooking oil for reuse as feedstock to create biofuel. The Cooking Oil Recycling Effort is an environmental management program sponsored by Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer H2GO, in association with the communities of Leland, Navassa, Sandy Creek, Northwest, Belville, and Brunswick County, and in partnership with Eco‐Collection‐Systems. Save our sewers! Join the C.O.R.E.

For additional program information call 910‐371‐9949 or visit www.H2GOonline.com.




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