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  • After Hours Water Emergencies 910-367-1537
  • After Hours Sewer Emergencies 910-367-2084

H2GO Prepared to Maintain Water and Sewer Services for Customers during Hurricane Dorian

9/4/2019 1:49:32 PM

LELAND, NC – On Wednesday September 4th, in preparation for Hurricane Dorian, H2GO contracted with Dew Oil Company to receive a delivery of diesel fuel ahead of the storm. The diesel fuel will be used to run backup generators throughout the district. In addition to having diesel fuel for generators, H2GO’s vehicle fleet is fueled and prepared for their on-call emergency staff to maintain the viability of the water and sewer infrastructure throughout the storm. H2GO also acquired two additional standby pumps in case of pump station failure to ensure operations of the sewer system. H2GO’s goal is to maintain water and sewer collections availability throughout the storm.

H2GO will close their office starting Thursday September 5th and will remain closed until Monday September 9th. Updates will be provided through their social media channels, including Facebook and NextDoor, as well as their website as permitted throughout the storm.

For water emergencies, call 910-367-1537.
For sewer emergencies, call 910-367-2084.




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