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H2GO announces new project to help local charities

8/9/2017 3:28:26 PM

H2GO has announced their newest project, Operation Round Up. The project was unanimously approved in the August Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO Board of Commissioner Meeting. The project will allow H2GO customers to round their bills up to the next dollar with the additional contribution going to local charities.

Contributions will help provide food, groceries, and educational opportunities that will benefit people in need throughout H2GO’s service area and Brunswick County.  As a voluntary contributor to Operation Round Up, customers can choose to have their monthly water/sewer bill rounded up to the next highest dollar amount or choose to have an additional dollar amount added to their bill.  The difference between the actual bill and the next highest dollar is the amount of the donation. The idea behind Operation Round Up is that it allows customers to give live to the adage “neighbors helping neighbors”. All proceeds will go directly to the selected charities. 100% of the contributions will go to assist those in need, with no administrative fees attached to this program, thereby allowing these contributions to be tax-deductible for the customer. “We love the idea of being able to give our customers an easy way to give. This community was built on a helping hand, and we look forward to being able to continue that today,” says Tyler Wittkofsky, H2GO’s PIO.

Two charities have been selected for this year’s cycle of Operation Round Up: Manna Ministries and The Brunswick Community College Foundation. Manna Ministries feeds around 125 families a month in Brunswick County. All donations going towards Manna Ministries will go directly to the purchase of food to help in the fight against hunger. The Brunswick Community College Foundation will establish a scholarship fund with the donations that will go towards assisting students in need. Last year, the Brunswick Community College Foundation gave over $209,000 in scholarships to deserving students. The charities will split the proceeds 50/50. Bob Walker, Executive Director of H2GO, says “The goal is to have at least a 40% customer participation rate. With this, we could garner an estimated $2,000 a month in donated funds, giving us $24,000 a year for these two deserving charities.”  

Operation Round Up is still in the beginning phases, but customers interested in signing up for Operation Round Up can visit the home office and fill out a form, or download and complete the form here and email it to twittkofsky@h2goonline.com.

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