Brunswick County Water System
Our water system recently violated a drinking water standard. Although this was not an emergency, as our customers, you have a right to know what happened, what you should do, and what we did to correct this situation. We routinely monitor your water for turbidity (cloudiness). This tells us whether we are effectively filtering the water supply. Normal turbidity levels at our plant are 0.05 nephelometric turbidity units (NTU). Water samples taken on October 20'h 2016 showed levels of a maximum of 1.8 NTU. This was above the standard of 1 NTU. Because of these high levels of turbidity, there is an increased chance that the water may contain disease-causing organisms.
What should I do?
YOU DO NOT NEED TO BOIL YOUR WATER OR TAKE OTHER ACTION. All testing and results show that that all the water leaving the water treatment plant were in compliance with State and Federal standards.
What does this mean?
Turbidity has no health effects. However, turbidity can interfere with disinfection and provide a medium for microbial growth. Turbidity may indicate the presence of disease-causing organisms.
These organisms include bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause symptoms such as nausea, cramps, diarrhea, and associated headaches. These symptoms are not caused only by organisms in drinking water. If you experience any of these symptoms and they persist, you may want to seek medical advice. People with severely compromised immune systems, infants, and some elderly may be at increased risk. These people should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers. General guidelines on ways to lessen the risk of infection by microbes are available from EPA's Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791.
What happened? What was done? When will the problem be corrected?
On October 20th complications with the LCFWSA raw waterline break created treatment difficulties that were not foreseen before raw water was reintroduced to the water treatment plant. As raw water pressure was reestablished at the treatment plant it contained vast amounts of entrained air. The air then proceeded to lift large amounts of floc (small particles that come together to form larger more settleable particles) into the filters overwhelming them beyond their capacity to remove particles (turbidity). However, the operations staff was quick to shut-down the filters and contain the turbidity to just one of two storage tanks onsite. None of the water leaving the water treatment plant was above normal turbidity levels or beyond state allowable limits and all bacteriological results were negative. The operations team was able to flush the raw water line coming into the water treatment plant to remove the air saturated water and return the treatment process to normal operation within two hours.
Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses). You can do this by posting this notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail.
For more information, please contact:
Responsible Person
Jerry Pierce
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Brunswick County Water System
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PO BOX 249 Bolivia NC 28422
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